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The Man Who Started It All

John Sun grew up in the deep northern part of the Himalayan mountains where he crafted his secret Chinese food. John would go days on end traveling up and down the mountains’ base looking for the best meat around to start practicing the perfect chinese food. During his free time, he’d jog up Mount Everest, swim down the Ganges, and often save baby llamas from mountain lions surrounding the area.

Once he reached his teen years, he was still trying to figure out the perfect combination of sweet and sour to create his now famous Sweet-n-Sour Chicken! Then, one day he found the secret to his now famous success. The reason his chinese food is so delicious.

He found, buried deep in a Himalayan cave, the golden ingredient. Cooking oil! Now this wasn’t just any type of cooking oil he’d used before. This cooking oil gave his meals that extra touch of taste he was looking for. The little spark that created a revolution. John Sun rightly deemed his new discovery, Choresterol Free Oil!

Today you can get all your delicious Chinese meals at the House of China… all still cooked in that same Choresterol Free Oil. So pile it on, eat up, and enjoy that delicious chinese food!


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